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The profile of Ahmed Ibrahim, the Rome-Termini attacker: was it jihad? – 06/24/2021

An in-depth analysis of the May 28th terror attack in Nantes – 06/10/2021

French Counter-Terrorism prevents an Easter Islamist attack in Beziers – 04/13/2021

The Capitol Hill attacker: a quick profile view – 04/3/2021

Individual terror attacks in Italy, how to read them – 02/20/2021

Europe Terror Attacks Review – Year 2020 – 01/23/2021

The possible motivation behind Vienna’s terrorist attack – 11/21/2020

Who is Aymen Abidi? The story of the funambulist (and fundamentalist?) who embarassed the Italian Penitentiary Police – 09/19/2020

Police intervention in Milan’s Duomo: an example of what should always be avoided – 08/13/2020

Khairi Saadallah, the Reading knifeman – 07/01/2020

The Antifa blacklisting: not an issue of ideology or cause, but rather of method – 06/05/2020

Ambiguous information:the reconstruction of the Colombes terror attack -05/02/2020

Technology against Coronavirus – 03/01/2020

The twenty most brutal attacks by Latin-American street gangs in Milan – 02/26/2020

The 02/02 London knife-man: profile and context analysis – 02/10/2020

The French banlieue crisis – 01/30/2020

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