Areas of Expertise

Modus Operandi and Technology

The various modus operandi utilized by terrorists can be characterized by both, analogies and diversifications. They are often repeated through time. On many occasions those M.O. inspire and copy one other, while in other cases they introduce innovative elements. The analysis of tactics represents an essential study for those prevention mechanics and strategies that are spatially and chronologically closest to the terrorist attack.

Additionally, the technological side covers a major role in the study of tactics: there is no modus operandi without weapons, nor technique without technology. It is therefore essential to constantly monitor how such technological means are being used and exploited by terrorism in order to prevent future casualties.

Radicalization and Social Connections

The process of radicalization can be defined as that path that leads an individual to embrace a totalitarian vision involving a “radical”, extreme solution, without compromise or dialogue, to oppose and overturn the existing order. A process which is often the prelude to violent extremism or terrorism.

Radicalization can have multiple expressions and it must always be analyzed on a multi-dimensional level (social, cultural, psychological) as it is a dynamic phenomenon that requires specific solutions according to the specific case. Just as there is no modus operandi without technology, a radicalization process cannot develop without social connections (physical or virtual).

Urban Security Analysis

Medium and large urban areas have always been subjected to crime, in various degrees, characteristics and according to the specific contexts of interest. The phenomenon of globalization has brought the problem to a further level as today criminality has become transnational as rarely seen before and it has even reached smaller urban areas previously considered as “safe”.

Each one of these locations has specific characteristics and each criminal activity perpetrated within has its own history and cause as it often exploits physical and social peculiarities of the related urban area. It is therefore essential to deeply understand the specific characteristics of an urban context in order to provide the proper preventive measures.

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